14 Oct

a few pictures with the new Kodak Playsport and the “gorrilapod”.

very handy little tripod.


This Beautiful Merciful Kingdom

14 Oct

The view from the edge of Okotoks looking west. almost 180 degrees of open space with no roads in sight. Vast

permanent solution to waterproofing ;)

9 Oct

So, for $159.99 at Staples in Okotoks, i purchased this Kodak Playsport Zx3 camcorder, waterproof to 3m.
It’s full 1080p, and has 720p , 720p 60fps, WVGA and 5mp Stills options.
its completely submersable up to 10 feet, comes with lithium ion battery, usb to mini b, mini hdmi, composite a/v, leather case , 4gb Kodak SDHC, universal usb wall adapter( that works for ipods and cell phones aswell!!), and pre-installed software to edit and upload to youtube/facebook/vimo/twitter.

expensive stuff to have to play with.

5 Oct

i wanted to work out some sort of external monitor situation for my video camera. im torn between a small hd portable dvd player with audio/video in… or a netbook…which would have to be a pretty nice one to watch HD and then theres the options of editing on the go. samsung intellistudio apparently runs fine on most netbooks,though more sophisticated software like pinnacle studio or sony vegas.. god forbbid you fit Adobe Premire or After Effects on there. photo shop portable was a proven success… so that kinda makes me lean towards that. but at the same time lets think costs.

decent portable dvd players are around $150 to $250. decent netbooks are $300 to $500.

who knows what to do. i think maybe wait and watch for sales

DIY rainproof “fly”

28 Sep


24 Sep

i was thinking(finally) about how to make an intresting new zombie film, and then i bought LEFT FOR DEAD.

Now im thinking 15 minute long segments of safe house to safe house filmed in a 6 part set or something of that nature.

im also thinking a slightly animated explanation of the science behind the zombies would be fun. do a bit about space radiation and cosmic stuff.
(as it plays out in my head): space radiation engulfs earth, awakening the dead, causing an every-man-for-himself fight for survival.

i think it would be really cool to play up the video game refrences and have all news footage and tv footage game movies and gameplay.

z1 part 1

21 Jun

plot idea. the set up

near future.
bomb threat in Munich airport cause planes to be delayed. bomb squad arrive to find it to be a dud, or so they think.
the bomb is rigged to release a chemical agent called h1z1(vrc-24) Viral Reanimation Compound #24 which was originally developed by the USSR to bring troops back to life for short periods of time. h1z1 is a contagious virus, which evolved from h1n1 after years of vaccinations, it has larger molecules that can support a symbiont virus as well. the two are combined by terrorist group NASI Nationalist Army of Socialist Ideal (started by german nazi deserters in wwii), which stole the chemical agent vrc-24 from SyncSys( a large pharmaceutical conglomerate ) 3 weeks before the airport attack.

1 hour 53 minutes after the first infected person walks into the hospital in Beijing, SyncSys Group release a statement denying any relationship between their missing sample and the virus.
3 hours in, the first 6 people to be reported with similar cases are quarantined and sent to SynsSys Private Labs in northern washington, where 6 strains of seperate untested anti-virus are created.
9 hour 45 mins after the original incident, a plane goes down due to unknown causes(pilots interaction with the infected earlier), its cargo is lost somewhere in Canada. among its cargo are the 6 untested vials of anti-virus.