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Quick little snow test with Kodak Playsport, made with ArcSoft

15 Oct

first snow fall of the year. exciting in a way, dissapointing in others.


h1Z1-the virus

14 May

a viral feel.
shot as a home video of a group of friends trip out to the cabin. one member of the group(brett) is infected with “h1Z1” a virus similar to h1N1(that he did have in reality).
the footage of ride up would be clipped and maybe a timelapse used. I’d like it to seem realistic and homemade at this point. dialog would be improvised for the most part, except for some mentions of details for the story, such as that brett is feeling ill. the first aprox 20 mins of the movie would be the packing and setting up to leave and the ride up, all very casual with no mention of zombies thus far. apon arriving, the group will continue with normal cabin activites with little mention of bretts worsening sickness, and he will be asked to stay the night in the garage, as to keep the others from getting sick to. everything will continue as normal, and people get ready for sleep and the camera is left facing the sliding glass door. cuts to black.
[add in- noises are heard and recorded on the digital voice recorder during the night,something banging and moving. a black insert with time stamp would be seen]

morning comes, and when the camera is turned back on, still facing the sliding door… there is blood smeared all over the glass. what looks like human handprints and footsteps is on the deck and path way leading to the garage. the door to the garage is open. there is no signs of brett, and the blood in unexplained but assumed to be his. everyone searchs the house and surrounding neihbourhood for him and nothing is found. phone calls to his cells phone reveal that he is either somewhere near by or lost it. members of the group(rob, jon and myself) leave, following a trail of blood spatter across the street and into the trees. At this point it is assume bretts sickness progressed during the night and he was vomiting blood and tried to get into the house but left to find help when he couldnt get inside. oddly enough the sliding door wasnt locked. Geo is left at the cabin with ruby, and hears bretts phone ringing from what seems to be inside the garage. she askes ruby to wait outside the garage and goes in to look for brett, still assuming he’s hurt, and not dangerous. inside the garage, she finds bretts body laying behind somethings, partially covered in blood. she phones rob to tell him and as shes walking back out of the garage, brett gets up and bites her on the neck, blood pours out and she looks down at ruby. realizing the danger, she makes a dash towards the door, slamming it (preventing brett from getting to ruby), and ruby is left out side facing the door. a thump against the door is heard and blood starts flooding out from under the door. rob, on the phone with geo at the time, starts running back home, to find ruby and the garage locked from the inside. unsure of the where abouts of geo, rob decides to take ruby down to the lake away from all the blood to keep her calm, while jon and i wait at the cabin to see if anyone will come back or phone and to clean up some of the blood. the door to the garage is forced open, to clean the mess of blood, and immeadiately the zombies attack. the door is slammed on bretts arm( a fake) and its repeatedly closed in the door until the flesh and bone break and a gory stump remains. the cabin is abandoned as jon and i run to meet with rob, and explain the situation. we both try to phone his cell phone but its busy.

the scene cuts to rob walking with ruby by the lake. he’s on the phone trying to get ahold of geo, but with no answer. while hes destracted, ruby wanders farther ahead, and suddenly geo comes out from the trees(having been released from the garage by jon and i) and grabs ruby and goes off into the woods. rob sees them, still unaware of the zombie situation, and chases after shouting their names. from a distance he can see ruby standing in a clearing. her back to him, and as he runs up to her and crouches down to pick her up, she turns around and there is blood all down her face.

scene cuts back to jon and i walking by the lake looking for signs of rob and ruby.


little clip

28 Apr

Making a zombie movie. Z-1

11 Apr

As an early project, im going to be making a zombie movie, sort of a homage Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg and George A Romero. Stylized, i would like it to have the feel of Paranormal Acitivity and District 9, sort of a documentary look with no mention of zombies during the first half. i think that a 40ish minute movie would be good for now. maybe do a short film as a start and if anyone likes it, plan to do a feature length film. maybe a ZOMEDY.

For the first project, which i will refer to as “Z1”, the setting will be Creston B.C.

The plot:

 during a flu epidemic (H1N1….so we think), news reports cause mass panic as more and more people are becoming ill. they suggest staying inside and being closed off  from others, especially those who are sick. the idea comes up to leave for the family cabin in B.C., which has been deemed the safest place to go to avoid contact with the sick.

– the story would follow one family, more then likely my friends Rob and Georgina Walker, along with their daughter Ruby-Monroe and “uncle” Jon. other cast members would be needed for smaller roles, such as zombies or news anchors and radio voices. keeping the cast small will be much easier for organization and commitment, but having a large cast of zombies would help alot with realism. so i think we should try to settle for half way, get as many people to play zombies as possible.

so as the main characters leave for B.C., they dicide to stop off at a parents house first, just to check in if they’re okay. Georginas character would be secretly bitten during her time inside the house. at this point zombies will not have been brought up yet, so the bite will go unnoticed. as the 5-7 hour drive to the cabin continues, we start to notice a drastic change in Georgina’s appearance, changing to paler and with redness on spots and viens showing. Upon arrival, Georgina opts to stay in the garadge for the night, as to not get her family sick aswell. in the morning it is discovered that she had left during the night, and during inspection, clues to something horrible start turning up. there are bloody hand prints, piles of black bile and vomit, and bits of hair left behind. the day is spent looking for her and trying to contact neihbours who may have seen her or doctors offices or hospitals that took in any patients. her belongings are left behind and theres no sign of where she may have gone, however the family vehicle is gone too. now on foot, the rest of the group go down to the lake for lunch, assuming Georgina drove her self to the hospital during the night. at the lake, they discover the family truck, turned on, door open, blood all over stearing wheel. things have started to get tense as Rob begins to fear the worst as well as keep Ruby from seeing anything. they dicide that to keep Ruby calm, they should just continue their plans for lunch. during their lunch, noises are heard from what seems like all around them in the woods. disorienting pans and dutch angels – camera work changes from home video style to Hollywood Cinematics. Georgina bursts from the trees, blood covering her mouth and hands, screaming in a surreal violent pitch. she immediately goes for Ruby, snatching her up and taking off with her into the forest. Rob, uncertain of what to do, runs after them. now we are left with few characters, on the beach, with the realization that this is a zombie epidemic, not just flu. characters make their way back to the cabin and seal off doors and windows as best they can. weapons are found and made and “protective suits” are thrown together, work gloves, denim or leather jackets…ect. a plan to take the boat to a remote island is made, and gear and food is collected. during the trip to the dock, the remaing group run into zombies and by the time they get to the boat, its now just one character left…”uncle jon”. he gets onto to boat and fights zombies off, leaving the the dock just in time, as a hoard of zombies appear. Georgina and Ruby are amoung these zombies, Rob however, is still unseen since he took off after them. jon drives the boat towards a smaller deserted island, and as he gets ready to go to land, he goes down into the boat’s hull, where he finds “Rob’s Zombie” waiting for him.

the end.

new idea….

12 Mar

i just had an intresting idea for a movie, it would need a buget tho…

its the united states in about 15 years, the governments gotten worse, more socialist and militarized, propaganda and government controlled media is the only connection to the rest of the planet. the doors close, and the states is shut off from all boarders, becoming more self sustainable, but only with the capture of areas like saudi arabia and other resource wealthy nations. these areas are heavily militarized. citizens of the united states believe they had won the war on terror, securing relations with the oil rich nations, but in reality they were taken by force and completely sealed off from everything with a large metal dome that encloses all of the oil wells and prevents any outside influences.  the people of america are unaware of the oil crisis, and are shown propaganda preaching of the united states victory and glory. everyday life within the country remains the same, but all out side interaction is staged. after a second attack on american  soil in 2012, in corilation to the mayan prophecy of doomsday, travel security is hightened to the point that citizens must register months in advance to travel anywhere out side the nation. Also all international travel had to be done via secur-plane, a goverment controlled airport only using  certain other types of transportaion that noone was allowed to see from the outside. in reality, no one ever leaves the country and apoun settling into their seats in the “secure-plane”,they are administered drugs and taken to an underground lab facility that would inplant the memory of having been to their destination and produce fake pictures and videos, so that when woken up off the drug, they would believe they had been there.

the story would follow a young man who was studying to be a reporter and film journalist, who suffers from severe lung problems aswell as anxiety, and when he gets onto the secure-plane, his anxiety and stress cause his lungs to close, preventing him from inhaling the drug. he faints from the lack of oxygen and is thought to be unconcious from the drug. he awakens within the lab, underground and very dangerous. he quickly begins to realize something is wrong and that he must escape. he has video equipment, clothes, some camping gear and a hunting knife, as he was prepared to be traveling to parts of southern america to video tape what was supposed to be the united states first victory in columbia and peru. after having to sneak out of the facility, he stows away on a supplies truck, which is taking food and equipment to the Canadian boarder for the boarder patrols. a huge wall surrounds the boarder, which large military bunkers and stations gaurding it. inside the truck he finds body armour, side arm weapons like a hand gun and army spade, and dehydrated food rations. he quickly repacks for his new situation, finding a personal gps and map, bag of smoke and flash bang gernades, and army survival tent and gear. with these items he makes a break for canada through a small gun turrent opening.  he seems to go unnoticed, and runs up into the trees to find cover and start making a plan of where to go and who to get for help… if theres even anything he can do. he spends a few nights in the trees nearthe boarder station, video taping them and taking notes on their schedule and activities. he begins to notice that noone is crossing the boarder what so ever, and decides to travel farther into canada to find help. he is picked up in the night by a group of Canadian freedom fighters, fighting to get family members back that had been locked inside the states’ walls. they then plan a way back into the states and an attack on the media center toshow them what has happened to the rest of the world.