if i was in a situation that zombies were attacking, and i was trapped in the mall… pt.1

4 Dec

i think i would make some sort of armoured suit. and find a weapons store or sporting goods store.

there are severval items that i think would come in handy.

for armour, you’d want to stay as flexible and light as possibe. so i think maybe a motorcycle suit or thick leather jackets and light lacross pads.
id probably also want soccer style shin and ankle pads, and knee pads… it always seems in movies, that someone will fall and be grabbed and their ankle bitten and foot chewed off. that wont be me. i think ir probably even wear shin pabs over my fore-arms, and a fairly thick leather jacket. not to thick or it would slow movement down. how thick does it really need to be? zombies have normal people teeth. i bet anything made of real leather would suffice.

i would go with the aviator style, or “bomber” jacket. its tuff, build for combat, has a thick collar and looks BADASS.

and these

maybe these….( it might look stupid, but id rather be alive then fashionable)

id also want gloves that wouldnt be chewed through easily. (ignore the guys gross arm)

besides that. id wear the north face hiking boots i already have. their very nice, brown waterproof fake suede.
and some sort of old leather flight cap, (in a fantasy situation). as well as googles or safety googles. andle a medical mask over my mouth and nose.


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