+maybe its time to CASE MOD!

20 Oct

unbelievable wall-e case mod

so my computer collection as it stands is pretty sweet if i may say,
i have an acer( cost $420!!! canadian), which is a lucky price, AND CHEAP. it has 650gb Harddrive, as well as a 1tb external drive, 6 gb of ram, with 4 gb on a flashdrive thats allocated as ram( so then 10 gb of ram.. for the slow kids), and a 2.8 hz intel duo2 prossesor. the vista ratings for them are 5.9, 5.9, and 5.6, which is perfect, perfect and very near perfect considering i have a laptop with 3.0 as the average. the prossesor is good enough that it would be a waste to upgrade for such a small amout of add performance.

the graphics however are rating in at 4.0 for overall and 4.3 for gaming. this is still pretty good, but a perfect 5.9 compture is pretty close, why not just try for it.

this is very nice

as far as cooling goes id like to get some sorta fan and case situation, not sure what or what though.

i also have a mac mini with a 750gb external drive attached to it- riddled with problems- useless, and a toshiba satilite laptop that isnt worth 5 bucks to anyone.

so far my newest computer has been the best so im happy!

im looking at maybe doing some graphics and some case upgrades, besides that its as good as it can be pretty much.
\next thing to do would be find some good software, as i have 5-10 different video and photo editors on my computer now and im only semi experienced in any of them.


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