z1 part 1

21 Jun

plot idea. the set up

near future.
bomb threat in Munich airport cause planes to be delayed. bomb squad arrive to find it to be a dud, or so they think.
the bomb is rigged to release a chemical agent called h1z1(vrc-24) Viral Reanimation Compound #24 which was originally developed by the USSR to bring troops back to life for short periods of time. h1z1 is a contagious virus, which evolved from h1n1 after years of vaccinations, it has larger molecules that can support a symbiont virus as well. the two are combined by terrorist group NASI Nationalist Army of Socialist Ideal (started by german nazi deserters in wwii), which stole the chemical agent vrc-24 from SyncSys( a large pharmaceutical conglomerate ) 3 weeks before the airport attack.

1 hour 53 minutes after the first infected person walks into the hospital in Beijing, SyncSys Group release a statement denying any relationship between their missing sample and the virus.
3 hours in, the first 6 people to be reported with similar cases are quarantined and sent to SynsSys Private Labs in northern washington, where 6 strains of seperate untested anti-virus are created.
9 hour 45 mins after the original incident, a plane goes down due to unknown causes(pilots interaction with the infected earlier), its cargo is lost somewhere in Canada. among its cargo are the 6 untested vials of anti-virus.



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