h1Z1- continued

17 May

remaining characters are waiting along the lake. trying to get ahold of people on cell phones and watching the trees for danger.
sounds of rustling are heard, followed by gun shots and wild screaming.

jon and i decide to keep moving, and after a few minutes of walking along the lake, come across rubys shoe, which had fallen off when geo grabbed her. noises are heard from the trees, and we go to investigate. a little ways into the trees we find a corpes, headless and close to just a skeleton left. after searching the clothes, the body’s identity is found out to be “Simon Wright” the retired policeman who had the cabin next door.
suddenly rob steps out from behind some trees, blood pouring down his face. we turn to run and brett and geo are standing behind us, we both take off running seperate directions, the camera following both of us opposite ways. almost immeadiately im grabbed and taken down and from a distance jon can see the zombies feeding on me. he stops running, but when the zombies notice him, he takes off again.
making his way back up to the family car, gets in and starts to drive off. hes only driving for a few mintures when he looks into the rear view mirror, and notices ruby in the back seat. his eyes widen. cut to black

the end.


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