9 Apr

-recieved the hdtz ht81 microphone. sound quality is excellent, mic is light weight.

i was able to build a “DIY” mic head for the boom arm i made. originally i had just shoved a mic clip on the end and taped it on, but later i found a light bulb suction cup attachment for extending painting arms, and was able to drill a hole large enough for a 1/4″ bolt. i also had found an adapter that fits a microphone stand thread and is open centered, so the 1/4″ bolt can come threw, allowing both microphone clips and camera mounts to fit on the end. its much more versitile and effective. ill update with photos later.

next i need to get a wind screen, because everyday for the last few weeks has been crazy wind in this area, and itll be impossible to film anything outside. besides that however, everythings pretty much bought and figured out. ill have to make some other things when the time comes like a jib and a crane and a dolly. but for now this should suffice.


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