new equipment.

25 Mar

so ive managed to scrape together a fairly decent audio recording system. i decided that buying a digital voice recorder and shotgun mic would probly be the best way to record better audio, as the Samsung hmx h100 does not have an audio in.

 i purchased the Panasonic RR-US570 ($90) about a week and a half ago. its a stereo voice recorder, with a tele zoom mic function which records in mono, or a stereo mode that has smaller range but higher quality sound. it has three sound qualities to choose from- hq, slp and lp. also it has 1gb built in memory, which is sufficiant for recording for now because it can record aprox 70 hours on the highest quality in stereo, and about 400 hours in the lowest quality in mono.

i think that each person having a stereo digital voice recorder on them with a lavalier mic would create good sound and be reasonably cheap. i think thats what ill do if i ever do anything more documentary style or travel documentary-ish.

i also bought a panasonic 3.5mm extension coiled cable($13), with 1/4″ to 3.5mm stereo adapters going both ways, as well as a stereo splitter. because most xlr to 1/4″ mic cables are mono, i needed a stereo adapter to put it back into stereo for the recording, instead of having to use a fill in the editing software.

i ordered the htdz ht81 shotgun condenser mic from ebay, which is a very resonably priced($15+$20 shipping) microphone for how good of quality it is. and it should be a huge improvment. right now im using a vocal condenser microphone, pretty standard quality, aswell as a audio technica AT2020 USB mic($150-$200), which has excellent quality but must be used on a computer, so limiting unless filmed next to a computer.

-later on i plan to get a windbook or netbook or something thats small and portable and can handle recording with a usb mic and maybe photo editing and i could just use it as a on the go workshop.

 To make a boom arm (because buying a pole for $300 was out of the question), i went to home depot and got the most basic telescoping arm for painting, which was about 13 bucks. i already had a normal mic holder, which just-so-happened to fit nearly perfectly the size of the threaded end of the boom arm. so i attached them together with some different types of tape. i made a holder for the voice recorder aswell, which turned out nicely and lets me clip it on without having to tape or velcro or anything but still lets me take it off for when i want to use the pistol grip that i also made. all in all, after doing tests, im very satisfied with the quality and inexpense of the system so far, and when i get the mic in the mail in a week or so, it should be even better.



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