je t’aime precieux papillon…

13 Mar

im thinking that making a fan video or music video would probly be the best place to start filming. i need to start making more time for it and getting some experience. i wish i had a few more people to help me work on it. i think that-that would be the best way to. i cant really film and be in the film.  i need someone else who’s willing to putas much support and commitment into it. and realistically, i doubt anything will be filmed until at the earliest maybe summer time. i plan to go camping though, so i’ll film that and see what i can edit out of it. that means i need….

extra batteries…. dont know where to get these, but ill look

all weather tripod

rain cover or some sort of water proof cover? seen alot of home made rain covers.. so ill prob just make it

thats really the only things id need to get. i think wed be camping for 2 or 3 nights, so im going to need like 5 batteries

im super stoked to go though, get some nice shots of the mountains and hangout and goof off. i need to get alot of camping stuff first for it, but its all stuff ive wanted to get for a long time. i dont know what it is lately, but for the last year ive just been craving traveling, and with shows like Departures and Long Way Down, i just feel such an urge to. obviously i wont be able to afford it for a long time, and maybe like the departures guys, be able to get some funding or grants, id plan to film and take photographs the whole time, so i think maybe that would be a possibility if i focus very hard on photography and filmography over the next 5ish years. i dont know… that life style of just traveling for a year at a time seems so fun and exciting , i just cant see a better job. but well see with time, ive already tried to start a recording company and a graphic novel and they both sorta stopped mid way.


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