rounding up equipment… on going task for a prosumer rig.

11 Mar

so i dicided somewhat brash to buy a camcorder and start putting together a prosumer rig. i got the motivation from endlessly watching the OLN series DEPARTURES, featuring three canadian’s traveling the world. i ended up buying a samsung hmx h100, full 1080p resolution sdhc memory camcorder.

i also dicided to buy a tripod, and settled for a soligor video tripod, fairly basic but for the right price. And also a tragus monopod.
i intend to get a better tripod with fluid head motion aswell as a suction-cup-pod and gorrilapod.

for sound im using a audio technica condenser vocal recording mic as a area mic, and the cameras built in microphones, but plan to buy a rode video condenser mic, as well as lapel mics and boom-stick mics, which will record on to digital voice recorders.

for the rig itself, i plan to get a Manfrotto 293 Telephoto Lens Support, to serve as the body, and an “Adorama Heavy Duty L-bracket with 2 Standard Flash Shoe Mounts” for handle support and the addition of “cold shoe” mounts which the hmx h100 doesn’t have. The camcorder, additional lens’ and lens hood, digital recorder and mic will all be monted to the rig.

For software, i’ve been trying out adobe after effects and adobe premiere , sony vegas hd platinum 9, and cyberlinks powerdirector (7+8).
so far the simplicity of powerdirector has been the best, but with time i hope to use only adobe AE / AP.

Although its not yet complete, i currently have enough equipment to record video and audio seperately and mix them together.
i will be posting videos to show progress along with film technique and basic effects.

Also i will be doing a review and test on each peice of equipment i use for filming,so everything in here will get covered.


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