Hello world!

11 Mar

Dear Reader:

The focus of this blog will be mostly reviews and progress on personal projects. ill be doing reviews of the products I use as well as post preproduction notes and details about filming.

I will be accepting posts from other people if anyones intrested, as long as it fits a similar topic.

I’m in the early stages of preproduction for a web series possibly called “The Deadenders”, hopefully with my talented friend Dayne Ewan in the directors chair. So far equipment has been bought and story ideas have been pitched. We’ve dicided to follow the styles of the Starz series Party Down, which uses different themes per episode based on their catering service. We chose to make our main character be advised by his theropist to join a club, meet people and find a hobby. Each episode would show the politics of getting into a club, aswell as the different intrests and extremes of that  group of people. Club examples range from harry potter/magic/wizards club, to sign language/”hands for freedom, of speach” club, to paintball/army club, ect. 

I will be posting anything that i finish for the series, such as posters and what not, aswell as cast lists and what ever help i need.


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