DOF- depth of feild

11 Mar

a depth of feild adapter allows a camcorder, which uses a fixed lens, to use lens ment for 35mm cameras. the advantages to having 35mm lens’ on your camcorder is that it lets you focus on seperate parts of the frame based on distance, and can create an effect that adds professionalism to your film.
because you can’t remove the main lens on most, if not all, camcorders; you must instead focus you’re camcorder onto a piece of ground glass within the DOf adapter, which acts similar to a movie screen. this means that once the camera is focused, all zooms and adgustments to the camera must be locked down and any zooming or focusing during filming must be done manually with a lens on the from of the adapter.

the adapter in the picture would be considered a static dof adapter, that means that its got only one lens to pass through and that the image seen at the other end will be upside down. other adapters will often have more then one lens that reflect and turn the image right side up again, but are usually very expensive and very heavy and fragile. a static dof adapter can built (DYI), but the results are varied and often not worth the trouble due to the upside down image requiring either the camera to be mounted upside down with a screen hack to flip the picture, or to be viewed only on an external monitor that would have to be rotated 180 degrees.

i plan on getting one later on, but right now the results dont justify the means, but luckily dof effects can be achieved on most editing programs, just with little options or hours of masking footage. i think ill wait for a bigger project to come up before i decide to spend the money.


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